Raphael Mechoulam gestorben

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Raphael Mechoulam gestorben

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Raphael Mechoulam, einer der wichtigsten Figuren in der weltweiten Cannabisbewegung, ist im hohen Alter gestorben. Er war der Wegbereiter zur Forschung an und medizinischen Verwendung von Cannabis bzw. Cannabinoiden.

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Raphael Mechoulam, geboren am 5. November 1930 in Sofia (Bulgarien), einer der wichtigsten Cannabis- und Cannabinoidforscher, ist am 9. März 2023 im Alter von 92 Jahren gestorben.

Raphael Mechoulams Expertise war die organische Chemie, zudem war er Professor für medizinische Chemie an der Hebräischen Universität von Jerusalem (Medical Faculty, Department of Natural Products) in Israel.

Ihm gelang 1964 mit Kollegen als Erstem die Isolierung, Strukturaufklärung und Totalsynthese von THC aus libanesischem Haschisch, des hauptwirksamen psychoaktiven Inhaltsstoffs von Cannabis, ein Jahr zuvor hatte er schon Cannabidiol (CBD) isoliert und dessen chemische Struktur beschrieben. Außerdem entdeckte er die endogenen Cannabinoide Anandamid und 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), die zum körpereigenen Cannabinoidsystem (Endocannabinoidsystem) gehören und mit den Cannabinoidrezeptoren (CB1 und CB2) interagieren.

Mit Raphael Mechoulam verliert die Welt einen der bedeutendsten Cannabis-Forscher.

Ruhe in Frieden, Raphael.

Quelle: https://lucys-magazin.com/raphael-mechoulam-gestorben/

In the early 1960s, a Bulgarian-born scientist named Raphael Mechoulam was caught carrying five kilograms of, as he called it, “superb, smuggled Lebanese hashish” on a bus from Tel Aviv to Rehovot. But he wasn’t planning on smoking the stuff.

Mechoulam was a fledgling researcher keen on exploring the science behind cannabis, a stigmatized plant whose specific medical properties were not yet known. Over the decades he became a pioneer in cannabis research, whose findings about the psychoactive substance helped ease its entry out of the counterculture and into the mainstream.

Mechoulam died in Israel at age 92; his death was announced Friday by American Friends of the Hebrew University, where Mechoulam helped form The Hebrew University Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research in 2017.

“Most of the human and scientific knowledge about cannabis was accumulated thanks to Prof. Mechoulam,” Hebrew University President Asher Cohen said in a statement. “He paved the way for groundbreaking studies and initiated scientific cooperation between researchers around the world. Mechoulam was a sharp-minded and charismatic pioneer.”

As a professor in the Hebrew University School of Pharmacy, Mechoulam and his research team isolated THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, as well as cannabidiol, or CBD, an active ingredient in cannabis with a range of medicinal benefits.

He also pioneered the study of the body’s own cannabinoid system, which produces chemicals similar to THC to help regulate appetite, manage pain and operate the immune system.

As Mechoulam discovered more about cannabis and its efficacy in easing symptoms of cancers, epilepsy and other diseases, he lamented that strict drug laws in the United States and elsewhere suppressed research and kept the derivatives of cannabis off the market.

The industry and science of medicinal cannabis “has to follow medical lines of thought and development and modern medical routes,” he told the New York Times in 2017. “Israel has more [clinical trials] than the United States at the moment, which is ridiculous.”

Mechoulam was a founding member of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines and the International Cannabinoid Research Society. In 1994, he was elected to be a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Quelle: https://www.timesofisrael.com/raphael-m ... ies-at-92/

Raphael Mechoulam, the first person to synthesize THC, earning him the moniker the “Father of Cannabis Science,” has died, Analytical Cannabis reports. He was 92 years old, and his legacy will most certainly live on for centuries to come. The esteemed chemist is also called the father of cannabis research. Some of his additional game-changing contributions to drug science include isolating and synthesizing other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabichromene (CBC).

While THC, CBD, and CBG are basically household names today, that would not be the case if it weren’t for Dr. Mechoulam, so smoke one out for him in remembrance. A medicinal chemistry professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, his work laid the groundwork and got the ball (or blunt) rolling to prompt future breakthroughs, such as illumination into the human body’s internal cannabinoid receptors in the 1980s and ’90s, as detailed in the 1993 academic paper titled Molecular characterization of a peripheral receptor for cannabinoids.

Quelle: https://hightimes.com/news/father-of-ca ... ead-at-92/

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